The Smoothie Diet Formula Review | 21 Day Results

The smoothie diet Review – Busy schedules and modern lifestyle are one of the reason of obesity. It can be genetic also. The obesity is the major problem world is facing nowadays especially USA. As per the American Obesity Foundation, Childhood obesity affects 12.7 million (17%) of children and adolescent aged 2-19 years. The foundation also states that Adulthood Obesity leads to obesity related conditions such as heart diseases, stroke, type-2 diabetes, which affects more than one-third (78.6 million) of USA Adults.

The Smoothie Diet

What is 21 Days Smoothie Diet?

Replacing some of your meals with smoothie will lead to quick and easy weight loss. The ingredients, quantity and overall eating plan should be accurate to get maximum benefit from this. The diet is simple and easy to follow in which you are not fully depended on smoothies but you are allowed to take nutritious dinner containing protein and veggies.

Health Coach Drew Sgoutas, created a digital plan, the 21 days smoothie diet plan to help his clients lose weight. The main aim of his diet plan is to cut down the sugar consumption and reduce the intake of calories. He has published an E-book “21 Day Smoothie Diet” containing 36 smoothie recipes, shopping list, 21 days schedule mentioning daily smoothie recipes and a detox plan with instructions for overall intake of smoothie excluding meals of the day for a total of three days.  

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How does the Smoothie Diet Works?

The smoothie diet limits the intake of calories, which restrict the fat production. Higher calories have problem with burning them as the lifestyle changed in modern time so it become very difficult to burn the all of the calories which we intake. So the better is to take limited quantity of calorie. Excessive calories produces the fat which gave the birth to obesity.

The diet plan lacks protein and Vitamin D which is essential for body for that purpose you have to take one meal in a day full with protein and Vitamin.

If you wanna see better results within 21 days, it would be recommended to combine it with daily exercise. Exercise helps in burning the calories and smoothie diet restrict the excessive calories production. The combination of both will give you exceptional results.  

Benefits of 21 Days Smoothie Diet

The smoothie diet are liquid form of food and it is made of fruits and vegetables. So the smoothie diet is natural and easy to make and use diet for any age of person. The benefits of the Smoothies Diet are as follows.

  • It is super easy to have smoothies of fruits or vegetables.
  • High calories meals are replaced with low calorie meals with natural ingredients.
  • It fasters metabolism process which helps in reducing the fat of belly.
  • It decreases the Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, fasting glucose.
  • Increase energy level, performance, Digestion, skin and hair.
  • Significant changes can be seen in just 21 days.
  • The recipes, shopping list is provided with this plan which helps in making smoothies really quick and in effective way.

The Cons of 21 Days Smoothie Diet

Every good thing has some bad aspects also that’s the case with the 21 days smoothie diet also. Some of the cons of this diet plan are as follows.

  • Costly, it requires lots of fruits and vegetables. Daily shopping of these items can be expensive especially organic one.
  • It contains too much sugar
  • It do not contain enough Vitamin D.
  • You have to depend on your regular meal for protein as the diet plan lacks protein.

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Who should try this diet plan and who shouldn’t?

The importance of smoothie diet and its effects are unquestionable. The people who are looking for any nutritious diet plan to lose their weight, the 21 days smoothie diet plan is best for them. Keeping in view all the details before using this.

The 21 days smoothie diet plan is not for those who are lean or under-weight. It restrict the production of fat so it is better to avoid inorder to gain the weight.

Conclusion: 21 Days Smoothie Diet Plan

Weight loss is not a cup of cake. The people who have gained weight have the risk of other conditions related to obesity like heart related problems, digestive problems, sleep disorder etc. Modern lifestyle and less available time for oneself is reason for high cases of obesity. Obesity is common, it has severe effects on human body. It originates many other related conditions.

The Smoothie Diet

The 21 days The Smoothie Diet plan is a natural process where we use smoothies of fruits and vegetables. Meals are replaced by the smoothies. The smoothie diet controls the calories production in our body, that means the production of fat also been controlled which results weight loss.

Using only smoothies all the day would not be suggested as it lacks protein, Vitamin D. so one time meal at the evening would be good which will fulfill the requirement of protein and vitamin of our body. The sugar level is also high. The use of this diet plan with all details would be recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Who has created the 21 days The Smoothie Diet Plan?

Ans: the 21 Days The Smoothie Diet Plan is created by health coach Drew Sgoutas. His e-book “21 Day Smoothie Diet” contains all the recipes, shopping list, diet plan of three weeks etc.

Q2. The smoothies are made of with what?

Ans: the smoothie diet are made with fruits or vegetables, for the better results you can take the organic fruits/ vegetables. The recipe to prepare it is given in E-book.

Q3. How many dosage are required in a day of 21 days Smoothie Diet Plan?

Ans: Two to three dosage of 21 days Smoothie Diet Plan are recommended with one time proper nutritious dinner. The breakfast and lunch will be replaced by Smoothies.

Q4. Does 21 days Smoothies Diet Plan really works in weight loss?Ans: Yes, The smoothie diet works in reducing the weight as it improves the metabolism process and reduces the weight of the body. The calorie intake is restricted, combining with exercise it gives awesome results.

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